Kevin Kinrade Mongoose Machine


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We love meeting all types of people in Action Sports. With a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and expertise, you are bound to have a good time learning something interesting and new.
Today's guest comes to us from sitting inside a family owned machine shop. Mongoose Machine has been around for a few decades and they have been taking care of our motors when they are in dire need. Started by Kevin's father, the machine shop is a very niche one of a kind place.
Today's podcast we have the opportunity to learn a thing or two about what it takes to manage a business. Depending on what we do as businesses owners, could determine what we do when it comes to spending time doing what we love. Great responsibilities come with ownership and management of others.
Be sure to listen carefully at the tips Kevin shares when we dive into sponsorships. Though we believe that to land a sponsorship deal, you have to land your self on top of the podium. This is very true in many regards, but Kevin surprises us with his understanding and perspective of what it takes to be a sponsored individual.

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