Part 1: Brad Williams on Wrestling, Cruise Ship Comedy, and Ted Koppel Rap Lyrics (ACS Nov 29)


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Brad Williams is in studio while Bald Bryan enjoys his Thanksgiving vacation. Adam, Gina and Brad talk about pro wrestling fans, doing comedy on cruise ships, and why we need to let comedians speak their mind. They also discuss the fact that both Louie C.K. and Dave Chappelle have been nominated for Grammys, and Gina plays a clip of her husband on TMZ. Later, Adam plays a clip from a recent Reasonable Doubt about the QAnon Shaman, and the guys take a listener call about cheating. Before the break, ‘Ted Koppel’ reads inappropriate rap lyrics, Adam brings up an example of ‘Stupid or Liar’, and the guys go through some of the Billboard ‘Greatest of All Time Artists’. Please support today’s sponsors:

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