Ashley and Roger Bedsole - Addicted together and now Clean and Sober Together


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Ashley Bedsole: I am a stay at home mom to four kids, 3 boys and a little girl. I homeschool my oldest 2 boys and my two toddlers. I also run the household. I started my blog in August of 2021- a year after my father passed away. I started off writing about grief and loss, family life, addiction and recovery. Once I started writing about the experience my husband and I had in treatment together, I realized that many people were intrigued by our story and wanted to know more. I write it in parts now and created a private contact sheet on my site so that I could connect with my readers. The outpouring of support has been amazing, I would eventually like to take the addiction and recovery part of my blog and turn it in to a book. I want to help as many people as possible and show that recovery is not one size fits all! My husband and I just recently celebrated our 3rd year of clean and sober living.

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