Guest Todd Bates - EVP Specialist and Owner of WLTK-db "The Let's Talk"


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On this episode of the Afterlife Chronicles, I welcome Todd Bates, good friend and mastermind behind WLTK-db "The Let's Talk" network.

Todd's show, Haunted Voices Radio, which I co-host is one of the longest running Internet alternative talk radio programs, covering all aspects of the paranormal.

This episode is devoted to electronic voice phenomena. Todd studied under leading EVP pioneer, Sarah Estep - the founder of the American Association for Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP).

Todd discussed:

1. His background in the paranormal field;

2. Theories for EVP;

3. Analog tape recorder vs. digital recorders;

4. I played some of Todd's EVP captures over the years. We used these to discuss the EVP classification system developed by Sarah Estep. Class A, Class B, Class C and Class R or X;

5. We also discussed ways to be respectful to the spirits during a session.

A Part II episode will follow.

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