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Life’s been a bit crazy for me in the last few months. I’ve been juggling so many things that led me to feeling burned out. I realised I need to work smarter and start doing less whilst remaining as effective as I was before.

In this episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast, I share what I have been doing to simplify my life and get renewed focus for my business.

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[01:55] There are so many distractions and noise in life that put pressure on me to do more of so many things. I realised I need some kind of filter to work out what I really need to keep doing and what I can stop doing - all whilst remaining productive and effective.

[04:10] Use the 4 Ds of Eisenhower’s Square to assess tasks - Can I DITCH this task? Can I DELEGATE it to somebody else? Can I DEFER it? I have to DO it.

[04:52] I’ve added 2 more Ds and an A.

[04:56] The A is Automate. Are there tools or systems I use to run my business that can be automated? (Example: Appointment setting)

[05:46] The fifth D is does a task make a DIFFERENCE?

[05:57] The sixth D is do I enjoy DOING it?

[06:17] Six things I’ve done in my business to simplify and give me renewed focus.

[06:37] # 1: Reconnect with my vision.

[08:06] # 2: Put a pause on a time-intensive mastermind group I’m part of.

[09:13] # 3: Choose the focus of my social media efforts. I chose LinkedIn as my main social media platform.

[10:24] # 4: Resurrect my Youtube channel.

[12:17] # 5: Stop being distracted by new shiny objects!

[12:59] # 6: Work with a project manager who will manage other specialists’ tasks for the business.


“Is this really driving my business forward? If the answer is ‘I’m not sure’ or ‘No’, then we really need to ask ourselves why we’re doing it.” - Rob Da Costa

“Doing something because you’ve always done it is not a good reason to keep doing it!” - Rob Da Costa

“All of the things you’re doing are there to help you win new business and be excellent at client delivery.” - Rob Da Costa

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