Staying In Control Of The Direction Of Your Agency


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Why do so many agency owners aspire to build an agency that is less dependent on them (i.e a self-running agency) but completely fail?

They end up building a business that they work for (instead of working for them) with the worst boss in the world!

So in this episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast, I explore how to ensure you build an agency on your own terms: one that you stay in control of and one that ultimately could be running itself.

Time Stamp

[0:00] The 4-day work experiment from Amy Porterfield’s online marketing made easy podcast

[0:45] The concept of running a self-running business

[2:26] Staying connected with your mission and vision statement

[3:18] What does real success look like?

[3:53] How to reconnect with your ‘why’ in running an agency

[4:29] Transitioning from face-to-face coaching to online meetings

[6:00] Why I can spend my winters in South Africa

[7:43] The importance of focusing on the journey and not just the destination

[7:57] How I am moving towards becoming a ‘digital nomad’

[9:05] What are the technical equipment I need

[9:59] Understanding how to best use a VA and the structures I use

[11:47] What I am doing this year to take control of how I want to run my business


“We are surrounded by stories of super successful entrepreneurs who make it sound so easy and have supposedly made their millions and are trying to tempt you to strive for the same thing - it’s almost as if - if we don’t aspire to that then we are failing.” - Rob DaCosta

“..growth in a financial sense doesn’t always mean success.” - Rob DaCosta

“..wait for some future point when everything will be better and forget to live my life within the constraints of what we are able to do now.” - Rob DaCosta

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