The importance of building partnerships in your agency


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Today, I want to talk to you all about partnerships. Partnerships are a really smart way for small businesses to win new businesses. They give you reach far beyond your own audience, and managing one relationship can deliver several clients and new leads into your agency.

So in this episode, I want to share with you the two types of partnerships you should be pursuing and some dos and don’ts in finding and managing partners.

Time Stamp

[02:01] Why partnerships are such a good idea

[03:00] The two types of partnerships you should be focused on

[03:44] What are marketing partnerships?

[06:34] What are new business partnerships?

[07:39] How to create your ‘Dream 50 List - a target list of people that you would like to partner with either from a marketing or new business perspective

[08:13] How to work out a strategy to approach your target marketing partners

[12:26] The importance of addressing your potential partner’s fears of getting into the partnership and as well the benefits

[13:18] 5 key benefits of partnerships

[14:07] 5 key fears your potential partner may have

[15:18] Pitfalls to avoid in building partnerships and what to do to avoid these errors

[20:23] Wrap up - Partnerships are a really smart way to reach a much wider audience.


“If you have an amazing partner, then they deliver you multiple clients in one year.” - Rob Da Costa

“Your ideal partner is someone who is targeting the same kind of customers that you are trying to reach but they are offering a different product or service.” - Rob Da Costa

“When you’re doing your outreach, you have to answer that question of what’s in it for them.” - Rob Da Costa

“Effort in is less than the results we get out.” - Rob Da Costa

“Partnerships are a really smart way to reach a much wider audience.” - Rob Da Costa

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