ServiceNow Series E37: William Harrison, Experienced IT Service Management Consultant


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Today's guest is William Harrison, Senior Managing Director at WRH ZSERVICES in Houston, Texas. William is a Hands-on IT Service Management (ITSM) Service Integration SME & independent contractor. He has an established reputation for both strategic and focused ITIL framework & procedural definitions that are based on Digital Capabilities Management Model (DCMM).

William's experience comes with extensive accolades from IT management for team-motivating abilities and limiting IT risk, creating and managing lean support teams (KPI based), and establishing creative strategies for optimizing infrastructure operations with financial returns (ROI’s) and external customer service focused reliability.

In the episode, William will tell you about:

Highlights of 20 years working in the field,

Why he decided to get into the contracting world,

Difference between a permanent and contract employee,

How he positions himself in the market,

Top tips for stakeholder management,

Challenges to be aware of in the gig economy,

ITSM trends in the industry,

Future of ServiceNow and Digital Transformation

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