ServiceNow Series E42: Sachin Khankhoje, SVP of Digital Technology at Tech Mahindra


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Today's guest is Sachin Khankhoje, SVP of Digital Technology at Tech Mahindra in Texas. Sachin is an experienced strategic technology leader who builds and scales enterprise-grade products and platforms that drive digital adoption in Fortune 1000 companies. He helps innovate, optimize and grow business by applying technology to achieve business results.

Sachin has over 14 years of leadership experience at Tech Mahindra. In his current role, he turbocharged digital transformation for global Fortune 1000 companies through a bold, synergistic approach towards new platform development, process automation and successful adoption of new methodologies through almost every level of the organization.

In the episode, Sachin will tell you about:

The interesting work he does with Tech Mahindra,

Key highlights and milestones in his career thus far,

Digital Transformation macro-trends in the industry,

Use cases of his interesting projects throughout the years,

The value that ServiceNow adds to their customers,

How AI Ops can bring key value to your organization and

His top tips for implementation best practices

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