Meshali Mitchell Joins Us for Smart Girl Summer


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Smart Girl Summer continues with the fabulous and incomparable Meshali Mitchell, and, y’all, it’s a good one!

Meshali is a photographer, public speaker and soon-to-be author, and I absolutely loved chatting with her. She is so relatable when it comes to starting and building her photography business, following God’s calling for her life as well as her passion for storytelling through her art.

In this episode, Meshali and I take a deep dive into the hardest part of building her business, battling comparison and imposter syndrome (even today!) and how we need to rebrand our failures and flops into tests and lessons learned. Plus, she *almost* convinces me that I need to get some fancy chickens.

Listen in to learn more about:

How Meshali decided to pivot into photography after earning her social work degree

How you can leverage your relationship with God when you feel imposter syndrome creeping in

Practical tips for those days when you want to throw the towel in on the projects you feel called to complete.

Favorite quotes:

1. I believe everyone's called to pioneer something.2. Through prayer and honestly just growth and maturity, I came to a point where I got a strong conviction that there is only one me. And I'm called to create in such a specific way. It was that conviction. Knowing there's only one me. This is a calling. Only I can fulfill what God's called me to do as an artist.

3. It's impossible to compare my work or myself with any other photographer. And all of us see uniquely, especially in the photography world. You kind of have to aggressively get a hold of that.

4. One of the keys to success is surrounding yourself as much as possible with key people that spur you on and cheerleaders around you that see beyond what you see in yourself.

Great things we discussed:

1. Meshali's Website2. Meshali on Instagram

3. Charcoal mask 4. Benefit mascara5. Tomorrow War6. Caviar Volumizing Mascara

7. Standing Strong.

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