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Robyn talks to the Luscious Hustle Ladies - Laura & Betsy Milne about how they are using Human Design in their personal lives and in their business coaching.

Betsy Milne & Laura Milne are transformational business and branding coaches, podcast hosts, and creators behind the growing tribe and coaching brand, Luscious Hustle!

So you’re probably thinking they’re sisters, right?!

In fact, they're total strangers! ...who just happen to have the same last name. After connecting through an Instagram DM in 2016, Betsy and Laura became fast friends and business partners while living 3000 miles, in two different countries.

Betsy and Laura were brought together through a shared common purpose: To empower women with the energetic tools and strategy they need to turn a spark of an idea into a successful businesses and sought-after brands.

Born from the ashes of burnout, Luscious Hustle was created to redefine what it means to “hustle” as an online entrepreneur. In less than a year, they harnessed their passion to build a six-figure business that supported the lifestyle and time freedom they craved.

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