Episode 156: Energy Mechanics, Part 2


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Having just returned from the jungles of Mexico, where I feel closer to life itself than anywhere else, I feel more inspired than ever to dive back into energy mechanics. Picking up where I left off last episode, today, I continue talking about this invisible but all-consuming life force. While so many people out there continue to deny the existence of energy, there is too much evidence pointing to its existence.

Not only this but there are plenty of other forces, like gravity and electricity, that we believe in even though we cannot see them. Why then do we continue to deny the existence of energy? This is because so many of us simply live in our minds and our bodies, not understanding that this is not the essence of who we are. These are just the vehicles we have been given, but we are so much more than just these physical bodies.

I have lost track of the number of times I have spoken about cognitive mastery, but this is not the final destination to get into the core of your energy. It is just the beginning! Mastering your mind is simply a gateway into the lifelong journey of exploring the true nature of the self. Energy mechanics are complex, which is why I am laying the theoretical foundations for you before I give you some actionable tips. I hope you come along for the ride, brothers!

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