RYB 1006: What Is The Best Length for Blog Posts Content To Rank? Jam Session


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What we are going to be talking about on this Friday jam session is a good topic. We will be discussing creating content that brings in evergreen traffic for years—building our email list and driving traffic.
Question: I have been creating content for my website, but I'm just unsure how long it should be. What I mean by how long it's like, how many words, how, how long, how in-depth should it be in Scott? How do you write in-depth posts?
It's easy to rank for keywords that are long tail. That's answering a specific question. Exp: How to catch bass in a pond? Can you catch bass in the winter?
How do we come up with a good word count that Google is going to reward us for? I'm going to give you guys some things to look at when you're creating your content. I will give you an idea of how long the content should be to answer the question.

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