The Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard - Episode 35


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Join Ryan Loyd, Sorcerer Tal, and your Friendly Neighborhood Nightgaunt as we devour a mouthwatering smorgasbord of Occult topics...and some not-so-Occult topics! The impetus of our meeting this night was to compare and contrast the Linking Sigil and S1 Sigil, which we did at length and the discussion moved on from there.

In response to some questions from Ryan, Sorcerer Tal talked about the nature of the Horde and about his interactions with it, also covering the Nothing and the Roadhouse. More about these topics can be found in Episode 30, if you’d like a more extensive overview.

We talked about the effects of child-rearing on Occult studies and one’s personal magickal practice, which ended up leading to a discussion about the nature of archetypal entities such as the Grim Reaper, as well as the give-and-take between humans and their gods. This lead to further conversation and personal experiences with various spirits.

An anecdote from Ryan about an outlandish dream from his childhood sparked an examination of animal lore involving behavior and symbolism. At this point, all three of us were fairly sleep-deprived and getting a little loopy and the discussion moved into how to annoy various kinds of animals. Sorcerer Tal gave his tips on how to irritate a goose and Ryan spun a tale about how he had once inadvertently enraged an octopus.

We ended the night with a discussion concerning the Occult in politics (focusing on the Trump administration) and the pitfalls one encounters when attempting to influence politics with magick.

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