Episode C2 – Tarhuntassa


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Synopsis: King Muwatalli II relocates the Hittite capital to the new royal city of Tarhuntassa near the Mediterranean coast, then faces off against the young pharaoh Ramesses II in the Battle of Qadesh. After Muwatalli’s death, his son and brother – Urhi-Teshub and Hattusili – contend for the Hittite throne.

“For seven years I submitted to the king. But at a divine command and with human urging, Urhi-Teshub sought to destroy me. He took Hakpissa and Nerik from me. Now I submitted to him no longer. I made war against him.” – The Apology of Hattusili III

Map of the Late Bronze Age eastern Mediterranean:


The Hittite Royal Family:


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