The John Wick Trilogy: John Wick Chapter One


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After a career that's included great comedies, romance films, award-winning dramas, and seminal action films like The Matrix, it was indeed John Wick that broke the mold and put Keanu Reeves back into the A-List star category.

Why is that? What is it about this action/revenge story that feels so new and fresh? What makes it stand out against a tired and sometimes samey genre? And finally what makes it so badass? Listen in as we break it all down!

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Topics Discussed

  • The cast and crew that got John Wick made
  • The choice to start the franchise with an already established world
  • Our two main villains in Viggo and Iosef Tarasov
  • The New York City setting
  • How does this stack up against other top-tier action films?
  • Our favorite bits of the movie's lore
  • The final third act


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