'Art Detective' Katya Kazakina on How She Lands Her Epic Scoops


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The biggest story at Artnet HQ this week is not, as you might imagine, the opening of the first IRL art fair in more than a year, it's the launch of Artnet News Pro! After being in the works for literally years, we have unveiled a very exciting new members-only section of the website dedicated to covering the inside-baseball nitty gritty at the heart of the art market.

It encompasses exclusive data-driven reports on the behind-the-scenes machinations driving the sector, together with our popular industry-leading market columns like Tim Schneider's 'Gray Market,' Nate Freeman's 'Wet Paint' gossip sheet, and now, Katya Kazakina's unique dispatches as the 'Art Detective.'

That last column is particularly exciting because Katya has just joined Artnet News after nearly 15 years at Bloomberg, just in time for the art world to open back up, and the market feeding frenzy to begin in earnest.

So who is Katya Kazakina? What is her origin story? How does she land those killer scoops? And what does she make of the future of the art market as it stands today? This week, we're thrilled to welcome our newest colleague (!!) on the podcast.

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