How to Create a Thriving Community (Without Burning Out) with Anna Hetzel


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Are you considering creating a community? Are you in the middle of creating a community in your business right now?

I want to challenge you to think differently about how you are doing that and walk you through some of the things you should be considering to improve the quality of your community.

Anna Hetzel is joining me in this episode to share how they have been challenging me to do the very same work with my own community.

For over four years, Anna (they/them) of Strange Birds LLC has crafted human-centered, conversion copy designed to help growing brands strengthen relationships and retain their customers. Their new group program—Community Camp—is a 4-week masterclass for leaders on designing, facilitating, and maintaining a paid online community. Anna is also co-founder of PB&Qs, an online business community for LGBTQ+ women, trans, and gender-nonconforming folk.

When they’re not slinging words and building communities, you can find them in the woods, reading a book, or trying to figure out how to stop rabbits from eating their garden.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • How to define what community feels like to you
  • What platforms allow you to build true communities
  • How to find the right platform fit for you and your community
  • What you need to do to create a culture
  • The problem with being too engaged
  • How to consider what is right for your time and energy

Anna is sharing a unique perspective on community and they also are sharing an interactive worksheet for you that will help you tackle the big questions you need to consider when building an engaging and supportive online space.

Tune in for details on the worksheet and advice on how to build a thriving community without experiencing burnout.

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