Part II: Expert Tips on Podcasting with Charley Valher


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Whether you're just starting out with podcasting or you already have a show, I am going to guess that you’re interested in knowing how to promote and market a podcast.

Lucky for you, I am interviewing my buddy Charley Vahler, a podcast connoisseur and the CPO (Chief podcasting officer) at Valher Media, to talk all about this.

Charley joined me in episode 510 for Part I of this mini-series, and we talked about who should and shouldn't be starting a podcast, what's working right now to reinvigorate shows, the types of shows that you can use to differentiate, all about video podcasting, and more. You don't necessarily need to listen to that one before this one, but it is still a must-listen.

Now we are diving into what you should be doing to promote and market your podcast so you can grow, provide value and build relationships with your audience.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • How to get the most traction during a launch
  • What to expect for your download numbers
  • The benefit of having an existing audience and email list
  • How ahead you should be when planning your episodes
  • Recommendations for microphones and other equipment
  • The pros and cons of releasing multiple episodes per week
  • What Apple uses in the algorithm for podcasts
  • Incorporating video and ads to drive listenership
  • The benefits of collaborating with other podcasters

If you are interested in learning more valuable tips and hear advice from Charley on how to promote and market a podcast, you’re going to need to listen to this episode!

Tune in and don’t forget to listen to Part I as well if you haven’t already.

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