Your Membership Questions Answered (Membership Series)


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Today, we’re continuing our membership series here on the podcast. We’re going to have a Q & A to answer many of the top questions asked about memberships.
These questions come up on a pretty consistent basis in my Accelerator coaching program. About half of the members there have a membership program for their business. They either come into the Accelerator program with a successful membership already in place, or they’re adding one to their business.
I’m going to be covering a lot of points here in today’s episode. If you’re thinking about adding a membership to your business, or you already have one, this show is going to be super helpful for you.
In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Should you use lanches for your business?
  • How to get more membership customers
  • When and how often to email your members
  • How to measure your launches success
  • How to keep members once they’ve signed up
  • Should you use grandfather pricing in your membership?
  • The best platform for running your membership
  • What metrics to use to track your membership

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