EP3: Going Mental with Kelsey Grimm


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Welcome to Episode 3 of the Automatic Entrepreneur Podcast. I'm super excited about my guest, Kelsey Grimm, an entrepreneur in the healthcare space.

Kelsey is the Founder and a Clinical Director at Healing Spaces, a counselling practice based in Kamloops, British Columbia. She started her business in 2017 and it has tremendously grown over the years, so far employing over 11 counsellors and at the same time maintaining a fully booked status. Hear from Kelsey how she launched and is managing her thriving business in the health care industry.

Tune in as we dive deep and talk about mental health for business owners, positive mindset, leadership, authentic self, business automation, and much more.

What you will Hear/Learn

[2:34] How Counselling has always been Kelsey’s passion from a tender age. And how she was able to turn this passion to a thriving counselling business.

[8:55] How displeasure with a wait-list led to Kelsey finding a solution. Find out the ripple effect this had on her business.

[12:48] Find out how Kelsey was able to find resourceful information and support for launching and running her new business.

[18.12] How Kelsey was able to balance running a business, practicing counselling and being a new mom.

[22.39] How pre-planning, having the right team, learning on the go and automating the business processes helped Kelsey run her business efficiently especially during her baby delivery time.

[26.08] We talk about: positive mindset, why sometimes entrepreneurs need to do a critical analysis on their businesses, restructure and be patient while testing and receiving feedback from the market.

[31.55] We discuss some of the positive and negative effects the pandemic has brought about in business.

[36.32] Kelsey and I share some interesting experiences we have had as entrepreneurs.

[40.23] Good mental health tips for Entrepreneurs.

[51.05] Automation tools that Kelsey uses in her business.
"If the fire is there, if the passion is there, if the motivation is there, if the desire is there, I don't know how one could put as much energy into what they're doing as I have or other entrepreneurs do and have it not yield". ~ Kelsey Grimm

Connect with Kelsey
Website: www.kelseythecounsellor.com
Instagram: @kelseythecounsellor

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