253. Kayla Nielsen: Healing, Spiritual Awakening, Plant Medicine & Sexuality + Spirituality


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Meet yogi, writer, Lyme-survivor, vegan, podcaster, and spiritual seeker Kayla Nielson. She's Jordan's soul twin in freakishly synchronistic ways (right down to hometown and magic numbers!), and this conversation touches on all the topics near and dear to TBB.

After growing up in Sacramento, California, and majoring in English (sound familiar?), Kayla hit a wall with party culture and an abusive relationship that culminated in a near-death experience: the first of two she would have that year. She found solace traveling to far-flung destinations outside of her comfort zone and became rooted in cultivating her yoga practice (she started taking classes at 12)! African tick bite fever stopped Kayla in her tracks while in Africa and sent her down a long and painful path of detoxing her body and soul through spirituality, nourishment, and plant medicine.

If you thought Kayla expressed herself beautifully in words online, wait until you hear her incredibly inspiring pain-to-purpose story on this episode. Kayla opens her heart about her journey from darkness to light. From addiction, abuse, and depression to transformative ayahuasca ceremonies, opening up to love, coming out as bisexual, and building her brand (she's about to launch an app and open a retreat in Nicaragua).

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