Love Your Body, Eat for Glow, and an Easy Way to Make Your World More Inclusive


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Listen to Koya Webb and you walk away with a revived confidence in yourself, your body, your love life, and even your ability to kill it at work. On the latest episode of The Beauty Closet, the life coach, motivational speaker, and yogi talks about how not to freeze when someone says something insulting or offensive (the freeze—we know it well), the best foods for glowing skin, the difference between healthy weight loss and disordered eating, and navigating the overwhelmingly White wellness space as a person of color. Webb’s evolution from top athlete to model to wellness guru involved personal struggles with depression and body image, and she uses that perspective in her work with clients to powerful effect. She’s one of the most inspiring, genuinely enlightening people we know, and this conversation is as joyful and actionable as it gets. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.)

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