Ep. 217: Did Farting Kill Our Marriages?


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Farting killed our marriages. Well, not really… but sort of. Going to the bathroom is human. Farting, burping, and other bodily noises are human—but that doesn’t make them sexy. When you spend a lot of time with a significant other, you want to feel comfortable—maybe to you that means letting burps fly, or peeing with the door open. But maybe those things should be kept private, to keep the mystery and the intrigue alive. Do we know the answer? Absolutely not. Let’s chat about it anyways.

Farts killed my marriage [1:04]

Does familiarity kill sexiness? [4:02]

Bathrooms incidents in public [6:02]

Familiarity and mystery must coexist [7:40]

Does keeping some privacy prevent closeness? [11:25]

Some people just don’t care [14:11]

Peeing in the shower [16:16]


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