Ep. 231: Why Your Anger Is Holding You Back


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Let’s be honest, there’s a lot to be angry about in this world. But what good does your anger actually do? Sure, it can feel good to have something to fight for, but are you making your own life happier? Are you changing the world in a positive way? Your anger can feel right, but its often holding you back in more ways than one. We’re firm believers in the power of choice, and that includes your emotions. Especially when your emotions are preventing you from living your own Best Life.

Emotions are always valid, but you have to learn to manage them [3:52]

The self-righteousness of anger [5:02]

Let yourself have the full experience [6:41]

A lack of nuance and a lack of conversation [8:35]

Choosing anger only hurts you [9:50]

Different perspectives can feel like a betrayal of self [12:08]

You can’t cater to everyone [14:40]

You get your own say, let that be enough [16:59]

Logical fallacies and confirmation biases [19:33]

Negative emotions might just be a distraction [23:00]


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