Ep. 229: What To Do When The Person You’re Dating “Isn’t Ready” For A Relationship


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Could someone really not be “ready” for a relationship, or is that just code for not being into you? And is it a bad idea to get involved with someone who says they aren’t quite ready? When it comes to matters of the heart, it all comes down to trust: it really is the only thing we have control over. Trust what others tell you, and trust yourself to handle whatever comes your way. That’s the best way forward.

“I’m not ready for a relationship” [2:08]

What do YOU want? [4:57]

Divorce is not the same for everyone, and the reasons do matter [8:24]

Trust that your “Hell YES” is out there [10:40]

Trusting what the other person tell you [11:20]

Trust yourself to handle it if it ends [14:38]

If you want more, you need to have the conversation [15:52]

It might be painful, but it’s temporary [19:12]

Good people are not in short supply [20:42]

What is true and not true for you? [24:22]


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