Episode 56 - King Lear


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Who has three daughters, two thumbs, and one inheritance to distribute? That guy! *pointing at King Lear* That simple premise becomes the source for one of Shakespeare's most well known and tragic plays. It's also a strangely unsatisfying journey into family dysfunction and moral dilemma, so join us as we chat about the characters, themes, and structure underpinning the tragic history of King Lear!


  • Lindsay was listening to the 1994 BBC radio production of King Lear, available on YouTube.
  • The quote Lindsay was looking for (from Lear) is: "How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child!"
  • "The true chronicle history of King Leir, and his three daughters, Gonorill, Ragan, and Cordella As it hath bene diuers and sundry times lately acted" is the official title of the other Lear play that was contemporaneous to Shakespeare's version, and is available online.

Ancient Bickerings:

  • Which character gets the ending they deserve?

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