The Big Boo Cast, Episode 244


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Sometimes life is so uneventful that we talk about cereal, and then other times there's a news leak during SEC Media Days that the SEC might expand to include Texas and Oklahoma. That is to say: we're not talking about cereal this week, everyone. And also I would like to introduce you to a little something I like to call MELANIE HAS SOME THOUGHTS.
In addition to the SEC news, we discuss TV (Ted Lasso is back!), the Olympics, and Melanie's Five Favorites.
Hope y'all enjoy!
Show Notes:

- (Just FYI: you'll hear us mention Greg Sankey a few times in this episode. That's because he's the Commissioner of the SEC - and, by the way, he is a fantastic leader.)
- Ted Lasso, season 2 (just so you know, there's lots of strong language in the new episode)
- Never Have I Ever (we love this show a lot)
- Skin by Blair tonic (facial in a bottle)

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