#1093 Pervert Driver Arrested for Exposing Himself to Toll Collectors


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A California man who attempted to jump across Devil's Churn is presumed dead… A woman was arrested after throwing numerous molotov cocktails at homes and cars… Model convinced to shave her hair and eyebrows in exchange for a couple thousand dollars but never got the money... A man has been arrested in China when he tried to board a cab with blood stained luggage… A land mine was found on a Florida beach on Thursday...A woman dressed as a nun was seen dancing with a skeleton near a graveyard... A man from Colorado put a couch out on his back deck and a bear adopted it as its nightly hangout spot... 15 year old will not be indicted with murder for shooting his abusive father in the head... A man was arrested because he kept exposing himself to various toll collectors... A man hid his mother’s body in the basement in order to keep collecting her pension checks... A police officer shot a man after he tried to take a weapon in a courthouse… A dog ran out onto a cricket court and took the ball…

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