199: Divi with Nick Saponaro


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Nick Saponaro is an entrepreneur, crypto enthusiast, and keynote speaker who is passionate about helping Crypto achieve its vision to deliver a truly decentralized financial services paradigm that benefits everyone. As Divi’s CIO, he deploys his programming and functional design skills to achieve the company’s core aim; to make crypto easy and drive its mainstream adoption. Media appearances include Cheddar, CNBC, Quartz, Investing.com, Nasdaq.com, and CoinTelegraph.

The Divi Project was established in 2017 to accelerate crypto’s mainstream adoption. Through Divi Labs, the company’s fintech innovation center, the company is developing world-class decentralized solutions that make cryptocurrency faster, more secure, and accessible to people at all levels of technical expertise.

Main Divi Project Website: https://diviproject.org/

Divi Wallet Microsite: https://wallet.diviproject.org/

Nick Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/NSapProductions?s=20

Divi YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCihooU0crqQkBOvV0_lsRnw

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