#194: How to Start a Membership to Inspire Others


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If you've been wondering how to start a membership to inspire others, wait until you hear this episode of The Blogger Genius Podcast.

This week, I’m talking with Roland Denzel, from EatMoveLive52. He is a life and wellness coach, and hosts a membership program to inspire others to get healthy.

In this episode, we talk about Roland's journey from overweight kid to healthy adult, how he turned his experience into a book, and how that book launched his online business helping others loss weight and lean into health.

Roland and his wife lead their membership together.

To Roland, this is more than a business (although he shares the business lessons he's learned along the way). This is a calling.

If you have something on your heart you want to share in a membership, definitely listen to this episode. And remember, we can help you get started with MiloTree Easy Payments!

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