729 - 10/11/20 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Genshin Impact Makes Money, Crucible Loses Everything


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I went back to my childhood home this week and pulled out some interesting finds from my past. Intellivision had a stream on 10.10.2020 (their original launch date) to show games and the hardware, as well as release a PC version of Breakout, made by the bit.trip developers. There's a new book on Sierra On-Line written by Ken Williams - it just came and I hope to finish reading it soon. ScummVM has merged with ResidualVM, allowing for both 2D and 3D adventure games to be preserved and enjoyed by modern audiences. Amazon Games has cancelled their free-to-play shooter Crucible after a buggy launch and needing to reallocate resources. Chinese free-to-play open world RPG Genshin Impact, however, made $100 million in it's first two weeks, recouping its development costs. Then we take a call from a blind gamer to talk about the "accidentally accessible" games Hades and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.

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