764 - 06/20/21 Bobby Blackwolf Show - E3 Is Over, But Was It Fulfilling ANYBODY'S Needs This Year?


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Reminder - I'm doing two hosting shifts at Summer Games Done Quick 2021 from July 4-11! We take some viewer comments, and the first one is correcting me that nobody uses Pascal as a programming language anymore... We talk a little bit about Game Builder Garage, and answer if it's going to scare kids away from game development because it can get tedious. We then go into a discussion about E3 and it's relevance and if it fulfilled anyone's needs - and about what E3 used to be versus how it's viewed by the general public today. Nintendo announced new hardware during their Nintendo Direct, but it wasn't what people were hoping for. Arcade1up DIDN'T announce what had been leaked, and in fact rescinded an announcement - with no word as to why. They still announced four new cabinets. Then we talked to OLR about E3 and expectations.

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