Brad Kearns: Workout Protocol To Boost Testosterone and Anti-Aging Benefits, Part 1


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According to experts, merely moving around more in everyday life is very likely more important than adhering to a devoted fitness regimen.

This two-part show will detail the correct approach to fitness for maximum benefits (in minimal time too!) and also show you how you can easily eliminate the risks that come from approaching your fitness goals the wrong way, which are primarily, burnout and declining testosterone.

Testosterone has clearly been a serious interest of mine in recent years, as evidenced by my excitement and dedication to my MOFO Mission and MOFO supplement. One practice that is hugely important to male hormone status is exercise, but if you don’t do it correctly, the results are disastrous: instead of increasing vitality, you’ll actually end up tanking your testosterone levels and accelerating the aging process!

First, we’ll hone in on the primary problems linked with the conventional approach to fitness, mainly: extremely sedentary patterns in modern life, “active couch potato syndrome,” and too much “medium-intensity” cardio. Humans were not born to run, but rather, born to move, leaving us well adapted to perform magnificent endurance feats once in a while, and certainly not all the time!

In this show, you’ll learn about the important link between recovery periods and sprinting, the appropriate amount of time to take for recovery (and why), and why walking actually provides an excellent form of cardio. You’ll also find out why some exercise routines and practices leave you feeling depleted and exhausted, how to avoid setting yourself up for an endless cycle of injury and breakdown, and learn what kind of workouts provide a real boost in hormonal and metabolic functioning.

You can also listen to my previous show, Peak Performance Without Suffering, for more details on everything you need to know about HIIT Vs HIRT and the dissembling and deamination of cellular proteins that occurs when your body is asked to deliver maximum output for longer than 20 seconds.

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for part 2!


Learn how to exercise properly for testosterone optimization and anti-aging benefits. [01:48]

There is a modern-day phenomenon called “active couch potato.” A lot of experts are saying that the objective to just move around more in everyday life is very likely more important than adhering to a devoted fitness regimen. [03:26]

When you over exercise over time, it leads to breakdown, burnout, illness, and injury. Rethink the emphasis on steady state cardio exercise. [05:40]

When you talk about longevity goals, you must include balance, mobility, and flexibility. Falling is the number one cause of injury and death in people over 65. [16:09]

Steady state cardio exercise can lead to cardiovascular disease. [18:25]

Doing the wrong kind of HIT workouts leads to overly stressful chronic exercise patterns.[21:22]

You are at risk for injury and breakdown when you perform complex activities and your heart rate exceeds 140 beats per minute. [26:52]

We want to limit our sprints to no longer than 20 seconds. [29:46]

Don’t be afraid to take luxurious recovery intervals when you are doing sets of sprints. [35:54]

What you are striving for is a consistent quality of effort with every sprint. [37:18]



"If you want to live longer, lift more weights and eat more protein." (Robb Wolf)

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