Brad Kearns: Workout Protocol To Boost Testosterone and Anti-Aging Benefits, Part 2


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Part two of this show focuses on the importance of emphasizing a kinder, gentler approach when it comes to working out (especially in regards to high intensity exercise), the price of “diminishing returns” and how cumulative fatigue affects both your brain and your body, and the benefits of weaving in micro workouts throughout your day.

Following the workout protocol outlined in this episode will give you a serious boost in testosterone and anti-aging benefits, and it will also help you avoid the disastrous and unfortunately all too common mistakes we see in the fitness industry. You’ll learn quick and easy solutions to avoid engaging in prolonged periods of stillness, and practical tips that help you make the most out of your environment to get as much movement in as possible. You’ll also find out just how long you have to be sitting down for a decrease in glucose tolerance to take place, and why prioritizing regular resistance training and sweeping, full body functional movements (like squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, and push ups) provides a much better hormone boost compared to other workouts.

I also share how starting to go more slowly, adding sprinting, and incorporating variation during my daily jog with my dog, resulted in all kinds of new growth pathways opening up. There are so many benefits to gain from simply keeping things fun and interesting, and also from remembering that you don’t need to get out there and burn calories to stay lean. Further, you certainly don’t need to be putting in all those hours towards steady state cardio in order to stay fit or healthy. Once you realize how easy it is to receive cardio benefits (because these occur in everything we do), you’ll also realize that this makes it quite easy to overdo it.

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Brad continues describing his protocol for boosting testosterone and anti-aging benefits. [01:26]

It is time to question all the previous ideas you had about the proper way to exercise. Avoid the bad stuff. [02:12]

Move throughout the day. Have some variety. Walk to work, school, or store. Park away. [03:02]

Slow down your steady state cardio efforts, making an effort to monitor heart rate. [07:28]

Engage in regular resistance training. Maintain muscle mass as you age. [08:55]

Running sprints helps with fat reduction and increasing bone density. [17:07]

Allow your body to recover gradually. You don’t want to stop abruptly. [21:42]

When you overdo it, you suffer the next day. [23:08]

It’s a mistake if you train to the extent of being exhausted and depleted. [27:35]

Is it better to have a set routine or to mix it up trying new things when exercising? [29:00]

You don’t need to focus on burning calories in order to stay fit. [35:06]



  • "Trying to outrun a bad diet just simply doesn’t work."

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