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Part 2 of my five-year health and fitness reflections covers some great exercise breakthroughs that I’ve implemented recently, as well as some lifestyle and mindset strategies that I’m placing great importance on these days.

I was talking with my former podcast guest and lifelong super athlete Dave Kobrine - the king of morning routines (listen to this show about his 2.5 hour daily regimen featuring waking with the sun for some easy cardio, a cold plunge and hot sauna, plus long weight training sessions). At the age of 59, Dave has a PhenoAge of 47, and together, we came up with some of our most beneficial highlights and best practices for aging gracefully, so let’s get to it!


Some great overall trends for me in the past five years have been:

  • Backing off from workouts that are too tough and cause soreness/extended recovery time
  • Doing micro workouts on more active days. I have seen over time just how much a little here, a little there, every day, really adds up in the long run.
  • Rethinking Jogging and overall minimizing endurance exercise. I don’t know how your brothers or Dietch can keep doing it but it doesn’t seem healthy to run marathons in one’s 50s. Certain genetic profiles may be more adapted. e.g., Non-dunkers…
  • Variable resistance training using an X3 bar and stretch Cordz for less soreness and less joint load. See my Day in the Life video to see how I work with both.
  • Doing my Morning Routine every single day for the past 4 years. Since I have low consistency in life overall, this has made a life-changing difference. I feel fitter and more resilient overall, and when my knee heals, I expect to perform superhuman feats/set records.
  • Cold plunge! As you probably already know, doing a cold plunge is a staple in my morning routine, and if you are interested in setting up your own chest freezer to do cold water therapy at home, check out this video where I explain the steps behind my setup.
  • Fighting the hyper connectivity battle: I love the positives that come with technology, but I also can’t ignore the many downsides, so down time and spending time away from screens is something we all must prioritize by using discipline. What really works for me is, instead of simply relying on willpower all the time, I make an effort to orchestrate opportunities where I have to get away from the computer/phone. It helps so much when you find ways to be disconnected from your phone, like doing exercise, going in the sauna or jacuzzi, napping, or taking a meditation break.


So incredibly dialed in there for years dating back to triathlon days getting 12 hours a night. However, in the back of my mind I have that wimp question - am I accustomed to luxurious sleep habits and sort of addicted like junk food?


It is so important that we work on formulating a strong and empowering mindset that allows us to best deal with the things we all face daily, like anxiety, uncertainty, setbacks….things that are certainly heightened and exacerbated right now. But I love what Dave Rossi says about the pursuit of happiness: Lasting happiness is more about removing things that make you unhappy, and then you are left with happiness. This is powerful. When faced with fear and anxiety, respond by redirecting your thoughts to your values and your vision. Dr. Ron Sinha also explained on the show that FOMO has actual health consequences, so remember that your mindset literally plays a role in the state of your health.

Another interesting manifesting concept is that that which you fixate on has a tendency to play out. Yes, good and bad. Remember what Luke Storey says: “Just doing the act is huge.” When Luke was on the podcast, he emphasized the importance of being grateful now and then going forward from that perspective, because you simply cannot manifest without having gratitude for what you already have. And Dan Millman, author of my favorite book and recent podcast guest says, “Be happy now, without reason, or you never will be.”


The mindset for so long has been a struggle and suffer to become a champion or even just to become fit. We have a tendency to overdo it. [02:28]

Rest and recovery are most important. [05:14]

Micro workouts make a fantastic contribution to your fitness. [08:21]

You get a better workout from short explosive effort than you do from a steady state. [10:02]

You get a fine cardio workout even with stop and start activities. [14:11]

The X3 bar promotes the concept of variable resistance training. [17:10]

A recap of this show talks about backing off from workouts, emphasizing micro workouts, re-thinking cardo, and variable resistance training. [23:04]

The cold plunge is still very much recommended for health benefits both physically and psychologically. [23:51]

It is very important to fight the battle against hyper-connectivity. Don’t let technology rule our lives. [26:07]

Keeping an eye on your mindset is empowering as we struggle with today’s quarantine and other anxiety producing situations. Be clear on what it is that you want to make you happy. [30:02]

Try making a vision board. [31:58]



  • To pursue lasting happiness, remove things that make you unhappy. You have to dial things back a bit, and even the great experts in fitness are now pounding this drum so well - we’re really experiencing a transformation in mindset, which for so long, has been “struggle and suffer” to become a champion, or even just to become fit.

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