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This podcast was inspired by an email exchange with my friend and former podcast guest Martin Brauns, who asked me what my diet is like these days.

Reflecting on my current diet, it’s clear to me that while some things have changed, many other elements of my diet have remained the same. I still stay away from The Big Three (refined sugars, grains, and industrial seed oils), but one thing that I used to absolutely love making, salads, are gone. I can barely remember the last time I had one, and I haven’t had any cravings for one. Still, my philosophy has always been to aim for balance and enjoy myself, while staying committed to my health and fitness goals, and the foods that best support those goals. The main idea is I’ve drifted to carnivore-ish pattern, and then I still have this and that when it comes to plant foods leaking in, particularly to get extra carbs.

It seems like the consensus these days is to ditch processed junk food, and then you are way down the road to health, disease prevention, and longevity. Industrial seed oils are the #1 priority, followed by grains and sugars. And hyper-palatable foods (combining sugar, fat and salt - think of my popcorn - and any dessert, processed snack, or all-American meal like pasta and meatballs, sandwiches, pancakes with butter and maple syrup, etc.). Anyone can say what they want about a vegan/plant-based diet, but it is a high risk to eliminate the most nutritious foods on earth. But, if they are ditching processed crap and instead eating hummus, lentils, and smoothies, they are much better off.

Personally, I have been on the ancestral eating style for 13 years now - no grains, no bad oils, and almost no processed sugar. The carnivore idea has captivated me since I was first exposed in March 2019, so I have made a permanent shift to animal-emphasis and superfood-emphasis. I have not had a salad in 2 years and no longer go looking for plants to add to my diet in the name of health.

It’s also the consensus that if we want to look for the cleanest animal products and try to eliminate the feedlot animals, conventional dairy, eggs, processed meat, etc., are not the way to go. Even 80% of Atlantic salmon on the market is farmed. Unfortunately, there is a huge difference between the quality and nutrition in farmed vs wild-caught fish. It’s pretty simple.

Look through the Carnivore Scores Chart and put it on your fridge. We worked hard on this thing and it’s really powerful to imagine how you are eating on the ranking system. It’s funny to think that when you order your delicious chicken and avocado salad, you are actually eating below the steak line! Same for making a super duper smoothie with celery and kale and almond milk and protein powder: you are getting calories for energy, some concentrated plant poisons, and then not much in the way of dense nutrition.

These wild and crazy guys I hang with like Saladino and my main man Brian “Liver King” Johnson of Ancestral Supplements are quite inspiring. I will make a big yellow sardine omelet made with 9 pastured egg yolks and sardines in the middle. And accompanied by thin slices of frozen, raw, grass fed liver, heavily salted. Now that’s a superfood meal.

I’m also not worried about avoiding carbs in the name of “carnivore” and I don’t have any autoimmune issues or inflammatory conditions. And at my age, and with my athletic goals, I can benefit from carbs, in order to help speed recovery, as well as minimize the overall stress score of doing things like fasting, high intensity workouts, and being in the 55+ category. Robb Wolf always advises to “lift more weights and eat more protein” for a reason.

Hence besides the animal food staples you will find these plants making their way:

  • Tons of 80%+ dark chocolate (I mean tons - some days I’ll notice an entire bar is gone!)
  • Lots of avocados
  • Frequent sweet potatoes in oxtail stew, sweet potato fries to add to meals
  • Frequent squashes with during the winter season (acorn, butternut, kabocha, etc)
  • Canned sundried tomatoes very often in eggs or with meat meals
  • Very small amounts of nuts and Brad’s Macadamia Masterpiece
  • Corn tortillas fried in olive oil/butter to accompany an egg meal or a steak meal (very often!)
  • I’ve started to try spoonfuls of raw honeycomb per Paul’s enthusiasm
  • Occasional popcorn with heavy butter and olive oil (supposed to be a treat, not a habit)
  • Occasional treats, like cheesecake on my birthday, which was excellent, but I very rarely have other desserts, and I when I do, they’re in small portions
  • I have made a Paleo Pumpkin pie a few times recently (very bland but a nice “dessert” using crushed nuts for the crust, canned pumpkin, eggs, and maybe 1-2 tsp of honey total)
  • Excellent St. Benoit vanilla yogurt (I love to add cacao nibs too)
  • Occasional protein smoothie with coconut milk and frozen banana, if I want to recover (I also add powder creatine, collagen, glutamine, and electrolytes)
  • Occasional sesame blue chips or red hot blue chips with guacamole
  • Often cooking steak with onions in the pan
  • Zero fruit in winter. Frequent berries in summer, andccasional mango and papaya in non-winter

This big change inspired by carnivore has included no salad, no stir fry, no raw veggies, smoothies, leafy greens, and almost no cruciferous veggies since March 2019. Prior to that, I actually ate tons of plants. However, now when I come to think of it, if someone serves me a plate with broccoli spears, I will eat it to be polite. But truthfully, it has tasted like cardboard since March ‘19. Seriously, the messaging brainwashed me, and it’s a true experience. I look at broccoli now and have no appetite, and it has no taste. I used to love eating and making huge, beautiful salads, and yet, I have not had the slightest interest for two years.

Finally, get a load out of Brian’s crazy message - one of the best messages I’ve ever read on the Internet about healthy living.


We first ditch processed modern foods as our first objective to improving the diet. This starts with the seed oils. [01:39]

Make a sincere commitment to eliminate or cut back on refined grains and sugars. [04:54]

Brad changed his diet 13 years ago after he learned about primal living. [07:32]

Now let’s talk about the carnivore diet movement. [08:54]

Some plant toxins have immediate adverse effects.[10:16]

Just because you’re eating meat or fish, doesn’t necessarily make it healthy. [12:25]

There is a big difference between properly healthily sustainably raised animals and the feedlot animals. [15:54]

A five-day fast has worked for Brian Johnson. Hear what that’s about. [17:22]

Brad’s midday break fast meal is a huge omelet. [19:32]

You may want to tone down your effort to avoid carbs. It depends on your age and activity. [22:05]

Eighty percent or greater dark chocolate is a must!! Dark chocolate has many health benefits. [24:20]

Avocados and sweet potatoes in ox-tail soup hold an important place in Brad’s diet. [25:10]

There's research that the occasional dosing of something toxic will be considered a hormetic stressor and actually serve to fine tune your body's antioxidant response. [26:39]

Is it okay to eat fruit? [28:51]

It is an individual experience to try your own body’s response to different foods. If it is truly healthy and nutritious, it shouldn’t cause stomach distress. [29:28]

Snacking is an extra indulgence to enjoy. When Brad is adhering to the two meals a day, he isn’t hungry for snacks. [32:50]

Full-fat yogurt can be a good addition to your diet. It can be a source of extra protein if you need it. [37:44]

Just because Brad is focusing on carnivore rationale, he’s not against sauteed onions or other vegetables when he makes a steak. [39:39]

The main message is to learn how different foods affect your body, educate yourself, focus on the healthy foods, and don’t worry about deviating from your planned diet on occasion. [42:07]


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