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“Plants cannot run away, or bite or claw their way to freedom. Plants want to survive and reproduce, and therefore, they developed a variety of toxins to protect themselves from being eaten.”

This insightful quote comes from Dr. Paul Saladino, author of The Carnivore Code, who has talked about the amazing, wide-ranging benefits of the carnivore diet in previous B.Rad episodes. In fact, his insightful newsletter was the inspiration behind this episode!

If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, then you have probably heard about my own personal journey with carnivore (and carnivore-ish), and the incredible results I experienced from making the switch. While I personally did not come to carnivore as a solution for serious issues, like an autoimmune-related condition, committing to a mostly plant-free lifestyle (and if you want to see how many delicious plants are still actually considered OK on carnivore, check out the Carnivore Scores Chart here) has changed my perspective on a lot of things about my health in hindsight. Now, that’s not to say I was unhealthy by any means. But going carnivore and being able to see the way that has greatly impacted my health has made me realize now that I had gotten used to a normal that maybe wasn’t as optimal as I thought.

In this episode, you’ll learn what foods to avoid like the plague, which practice is a great way to get hormesis, how fasting affects inflammation recovery, and which plant foods are the least harmful to the body. You’ll also learn about the staples of Paul’s incredibly healthy diet, and the foods Dr. Cate Shanahan refers to as “the Four Pillars of Health.”


The number one thing you want to remove from your diet is refined vegetable oils. [03:54]

When you are looking at meat, make sure you get grass fed instead of animals raised on corn and soy. [08:03]

Plants vary in their toxicity levels for individuals. Maybe focusing on nice “healthy vegetables” is a problem for your digestion. [10:24]

The organ meats support the same organs in the human when eaten. [14:13]

You are encouraged to experiment with your own diet, to see how different things affect your health. [21:58]

Fasting is one of the greatest ways to get hormesis, which is a brief stressor that delivers a net positive benefit. [26:15]

Brad talks about the great athletic feats of Dude Spellings running rim to rim in Grand Canyon while fasting as well as Zach Bitter’s hundred-mile run. They found that fasting reduced their recovery inflammation. [29:41]

Humans are omnivores. The ancestors ate vegetables but in very small amounts. Plants are merely survival food. [33:00]

The main things to avoid are the most offensive or most potentially toxic plant foods, nuts, seeds, legumes, grains, and leaves. [34:29]

Some plant foods that are less offensive are sweet fruits in season (very important), honey, squashes, avocados, olives, and white rice, and cucumbers without skin and seeds. [36:01]

Brad’s list of survival foods includes 80% or higher dark chocolate, avocados, sweet potatoes, even corn tortillas, honey, and occasionally buttered popcorn, and even more foods that will surprise you. [38:48]

Saladino’s diet consists of bone broth, organ meats, and a lot of fat. [43:26]

Dr. Cate Shanahan recommends fruits and vegetables, fermented foods and organ meats, and meat on the bone. [46:54]


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