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I am so excited to talk about the Carnivore Scores Food Ranking Chart with you today!

This food chart was a joint venture with health coach Kate Cretsigner, who has utilized the carnivore diet with great success for her clients, and who used this guideline as a way to help her clients get optimal nutrition. Kate came to this solution after realizing that many of her clients who were keto or paleo still suffered from inflammatory issues, and that by taking out all potentially problematic plant foods, their bodies were then “able to heal quicker,” while also receiving optimal nutrients. Think of it as the ultimate elimination diet, with an end goal of healing the gut.

Kate actually started this carnivore experiment in her own home: with herself, and with her daughter, who was able to experience incredible healing in just 30 days from diverticulitis. Since Kate never advises her clients to do something that she hasn’t done herself, she went strict carnivore for 30 days. After the first month, Kate found that “assorted health imperfections that I didn’t know that I had, or that I thought were ‘normal,’ improved right away.” Her 30-day experiment turned into 560 days and counting! And get this: during the early stages of her carnivore journey, she actually rode her bicycle the entire length of Vermont — that’s 200 miles over the course of two days — without consuming any calories on the bike! Talk about a fat-burning machine!

I was fascinated by Kate’s story when I first heard it on her podcast, and intrigued and excited at the idea of creating a Carnivore Food Chart to simplify and clarify what this diet is all about. In this episode, I’m breaking down the chart to explain why we have formulated it this way, and you’ll learn how easy and simple it can be to get optimal nutrition once you have this handy set of guidelines to reference!

Global All-Stars (the most nutrient dense foods on the planet)

Liver, Oysters, Salmon Roe and Caviar

Animal Organs

Liver, Bone Broth, Heart, Kidney, Sweetbread, Rocky Mountain Oysters, Tripe

Wild-Caught, Oily, Cold-Water Fish

Sardines, Mackerel, Anchovies, Salmon, Herring


Oysters, Clams, Crab, Lobster, Mussels, Octopus, Scallops


Don’t forget other egg options like: Goose, Duck, Quail, and Ostrich

Red Meat

Also try: Buffalo/Bison, Elk, Lamb, Venison

The rest of the foods included reside below The Steak Line, meaning everything listed above are the foods that offer maximum nutrient density. The rest of the foods listed are still healthy, but do not need to be emphasized in the same way because of their differences in nutritional profile: Chicken, Turkey, and Pork and Raw, Organic, High Fat Dairy.

And yes, some plant foods are still included on this list! They are:


Dark chocolate

Fermented foods



Nuts & nut butters


Sweet potatoes/squash

These (optional) plant foods were included because they still offer high nutrient value with the smallest chance of digestive irritation. If you are suffering from auto-immune or other related symptoms, try going Kate’s route with a strict carnivore approach for 30 days. After that, see how you feel, and re-asses if you want to introduce certain plant foods back into your diet. Chances are, you’ll be feeling so good that it will be no problem at all including certain plants back into your diet. Click here to download the Carnivore Scores chart!


When the body is getting optimal nutrients, it heals quicker. It has better energy. You feel better. [03:00]

Kate is going to embark on a Trans America bike race on no carbs, no sugar and just meat, organs and fat. [04:00]

There's a lot of people out there suffering due to gut inflammation, leaky gut syndrome, and quite a lot of it can be righted with a complete restriction of plants and then a gradual reintroduction of the least offensive plants. [05:00]

A preponderance of animal foods, the most nutritional superfoods are listed. [07:00]

Wild caught oil cold-water fish is the best source for Omega 3s in the human diet. SMASH stands for sardines, mackerel, anchovies, salmon, and herring. [10:20]

Shellfish are next on the list, also a very good source of Omega three. [12:16]

Eggs are next on our go-to chart. Always look for eggs that are locally grown or at least in a carton stating they are pasture raised and certified humane. [14:02]

There are still many foods listed on the chart that are good to eat, just not in the super food category. Grass-fed red meat is on this list. [17:20]

Down below the steak line on the chart are chicken, turkey, and pork. Of course, look for organic or pasture raised. [22:00]

You want to make a blanket commitment to avoid all manner of conventional pasteurized and low and non-fat dairy products [23:10]

If you want to include vegetables into your diet, listed on the chart are the least objectionable. They can be integrated strategically into the diet. [26:35]

And with dark chocolate, get the beans to bar notation and not made with child labor. [26:49]

Raw honey, avocado, and nuts, fermented foods, fruits, sweet potatoes and squash are discussed as well. [30:36]


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