Dave Rossi: When Are You Going to Start Meditating?


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Dave Rossi returns to the show for an inspiring and insightful conversation about meditation!

The Imperative Habit author is back to discuss the life-changing benefits of meditation – something I admit he has been urging me to incorporate into my daily routine for a while now.

A big fan of silent meditation, Dave explains why he emphasizes the importance of quieting your mind and simply letting thoughts come and go over using apps to guide you through the experience. You’ll learn about why consistent meditation can make happiness a reality instead of a fleeting concept, and we also talk about why it’s optimal to operate from a place of devotion instead of just trying to go off willpower (which, remember, is a finite resource). We wrap up with a discussion about the Law of Attraction and the role meditation and gratitude play in experiencing successful manifestations.

Hopefully Dave’s enthusiasm for this powerfully effective practice will inspire you to start meditating too – it certainly has inspired me to make time for it!


Meditation is the thing that's going to take you away from the racing thoughts and the envy and the guilt and the things that set us back. [01:30]

Silent meditation lets you unplug all those “to do” thoughts gathering in your mind. We need to practice not thinking. [05:47]

Silent meditation is the power of your brain working for you, not the power of your brain processing the information of the world. [12:59]

No special equipment or time set aside needed. All you need is a chair. Ignore the noises in your head. [18:35]

You can practice not reacting. [24:23]

We often learn helpful techniques and then forget to use them. Practice doing new ways of meditation. [26:33]

When you practice unplugging your brain, you’re turning off all of that mentation. You’re saying, stop stress, stop anxiety, stop depression, stop worry, stop doubt, stop low self-esteem. [31:32]

How does the practice of meditation connect to goals such as diet or exercise when life gets in the way? [34:28]

The things you want don’t require will power. They require devotion. [36:36]

You have the power to make choices over the biological urges of your body.


The mental chemical production of stress is way more harmful than what you eat. [43:37]

Reality is your choice of beliefs. Emotions vibrate at a certain level. [44:43]

Desire becomes a fear because you think you need something to be whole or happy. [53:58]

Spirituality is a more advanced word for being civilized. [55:22]

Our self-worth isn’t going up or down depending on what people think. [58:17]

Rossi talks about his course in meditation. [01:01:05]


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