Dr. Al Danenberg: Beating Incurable Cancer With The Carnivore Diet And Other Routine Insights


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Get ready for an inspiring, honest, emotional, and heartfelt show with Dr. Al Danenberg.

Dr. Danenberg has been a periodontist in South Carolina for 44 years, dealing with gum and mouth disease, and appreciating the role of gut health as the centerpiece of healing and wellness. He is also one of the earliest certified Primal Health Coaches, and is considered a poster boy for ancestral living in the older age groups. However, Dr. Al’s health journey has come with some major ordeals that he will detail in this show.

You’ll learn about the incredible transformation he experienced after switching to a Paleo diet at the age of 66. He explains that this total lifestyle change was actually a much needed and necessary method for healing as he walks us through the reasons that led to this change (having a stroke and later being diagnosed with cancer). He talks about watching weight drop off his body - to the point of 30-something pounds - over the course of two years, and how he was able to finally ditch the seven medications that his physicians had prescribed to him (not to mention claimed he needed to take for the rest of his life!).

You’ll learn the unbelievable and inspiring story of how Dr. Al went from being diagnosed with cancer to being cancer-free. He explains his decision to say no to chemotherapy (which was insisted on by his doctor) and he clues us in on fascinating facts from many compelling studies that support the idea that a strict animal based diet, with no need for pharmaceutical drugs, is actually the most effective method of resolving chronic and cancerous health issues. Interestingly, he became intrigued by an animal based diet in early 2020 and has been following and advocating that strategy for over a year. Dr. Al does a great job of explaining the link between gut function and overall health (especially periodontal disease) and how eating an animal-based diet can help you heal from gut dysfunction that you may not even be aware of.

The show ends with Dr. Al commenting on the 10 innovative health tips he himself follows to protect himself and continue to thrive. His bottom line is ultimately to put the most emphasis on having a robust immune system. Here is a great list he has generously shared of his top 10 health tips:

10 Health Tips From Dr. Al Danenberg

1. Eat a healthy diet: I follow my animal-based diet, which I call the Better Belly Blueprint. It is an organic, gluten-free, nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory eating plan. I consume a fat-to-protein ratio measured in grams of approximately 2:1 per meal. I eat when I’m hungry and drink when I’m thirsty. I occasionally eat some plants (no more than 10% by volume of a plate of food) that are low in phytates, oxalates, and lectins. I also cycle out of ketosis once a week by eating approximately 100 grams of carbs for that one day to maintain my Metabolic Flexibility.

2. Fortify my gut and maintain an intact gut epithelial barrier: I take 2 caps of MegasporeBiotic (from Microbiome Labs). I also take 2 caps of TerraFlora Deep Immune, which also stimulates the production of interferons (IFNs) as well as activates downstream immune cells to support my immune system (from Enviromedica).

3. Support my bone: I take 6 caps of OsteoVegan (from NuMedica), 2 caps of Megaquinone K2-7 (from Microbiome Labs), and 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 (from NatureWise).

4. Help repair my mitochondria: I use PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy using the PureWave PEMF mat first thing in the morning for 30-minutes at setting “Basis – 1”, afternoon session for 30-minutes at setting “Basis – 5”, and at bedtime for 30-minutes at setting “Basis – 1”.

5. Assure animal-based nutrients from organs for my cells: I take 5 caps of Desiccated Organ Complex and 4 caps of Desiccated Bone Marrow (from Enviromedica).

6. Control pain: I take 200 mg or 400 mg of ibuprofen rarely and only when necessary.

7. Target specific proteins involved in my cancer: I take one human-derived monoclonal antibody immunotherapy. Darzalex attacks a specific protein on the surface of malignant plasma cells. Along with Darzalex, I am given premeds (Tylenol, Benadryl, and Decadron) only the day of the injection to limit any side effects.

8. Help prevent colds and flu: I use a Bee Propolis Mouth Spray 4 times a day if I feel any “scratchiness” in my throat (from Beekeeper’s Naturals).

9. Strengthen my body: I do arm and leg stretches daily. Based on the condition of my bones, I do modified push ups and modified squats several days a week. Also, I walk one mile outside every day, weather permitting.

10. Reduce stress: I meditate and practice diaphragmatic breathing as well as progressive, total body muscle relaxation.


Brad’s guest has an amazing story of changing his lifestyle to remedy his health problems. He’d had a stroke and was diagnosed with cancer. [02:16]

Al found a place that totally changed his life: his diet, his weight, his need for medication. [07:36]

Al discovered a pain in his shoulder that turned out to be diagnosed as terminal cancer! [10:32]

The cancer caused many fractures. Al describes how he dealt with that. [18:35]

While he was placed in hospice to die, a hurricane came and amazingly, he began to recover. [21:31]

Al is suspicious that the cancer may have started all the way back in dental school. [26:07]

By rejecting the idea of chemotherapy, Al needed to plan what would be his quality of life and did much research. [29:40]

Integrative medicine is the answer. Doctors could get in trouble recommending the dietary changes that helped Al. [34:04]

Al’s concept of being more integrated and holistic with the understanding that he wants to have a strong immune system to heal my body as naturally as he can, not curing anything but healing the body is the essence of what he’s trying to do. [36:56]

What are so few people interested in making these lifestyle changes? [38:21]

You are not a believer until it hits you emotionally. [44:11]

In the US population about 94 percent has some dental disease and don’t know it. [46:25]

Gut health is the emerging centerpiece of preventative medicine and health. [52:36]

What tips can Al give the listener who wants to turn their health around? [53:31]

Even though Al is primarily on the carnivore diet, he puts in some carbs about once a week to maintain metabolic flexibility. [59:04]

You need to develop alpha diversity which is the diversity of species of microbes and bacteria. [01:01:26]

There is mitochondria treatment with pulse electromagnetic field therapy. [01:06:08]

Al is a big fan of animal organ supplements, meditation, breathing, ridding stress. [01:13:11]

Everybody needs to know there are well-documented options when you are confronted with disease. [01:15:49]


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