Dr. Paul Saladino: Kicking Ass At A Higher Level And Avoiding “Inexorable Decline To Decrepitude”


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Dr. Paul, carnivore diet leader, author of The Carnivore Code, host of the Fundamental Health podcast, is back for show #3!

As regular listeners know, Paul makes an extremely compelling argument for a nutrient-dense, nose-to-tail, animal based diet. Paul’s message has hit me extremely hard and compelled me to reconsider the widely-held belief that colorful plant foods form the foundation of a healthy human diet. I proclaim that I have made a permanent shift in dietary habits and philosophy. I no longer go looking for plants to consume in the name of health (this includes my previous go-to meals of salads and steamed vegetables) and I make a concerted effort to increase my intake of the world’s most nutrient-dense foods: organ meats and organ supplements, oily, cold water fish, grass-fed steak, pastured eggs and so forth (learn more with my Carnivore Scores chart).

In our previous two shows, Paul explained the rationale for minimizing or avoiding plants in detail. In this show, we learn more about Paul’s background, including living an adventurous, vagabond lifestyle for six years (thru-hiking the 2,700-mile Pacific Crest Trail in 105 days!) before commencing his extensive medical training (Paul is a board-certified psychiatrist and Functional Medicine doc.) Paul’s book, The Carnivore Code, has been extremely well-received as it delivers comprehensive scientific rationale for the seemingly strange carnivore premise--that plants are not necessary and can quite possibly be harmful. One interesting counter opinion to the argument that plants supply awesome antioxidants is that you can achieve the same effect through environmental stressors such as cold exposure, high intensity workouts, and fasting. Wherever you stand on the carnivore premise (or where experts you listen to stand), it’s virtually undisputed that the body operates most efficiently in a fasted state: internal antioxidant production (particularly the “master antioxidant” glutathione), autophagy (the natural internal cellular detoxification process) and immune function are all optimized when you are in a fasted state. Consequently, the intended benefits of drinking a big green smoothie filled with high antioxidant plant foods (kale, celery, beets, spinach…) is eclipsed by not consuming anything.

If you’ve never heard Paul before, this show will give you plenty of great insights and entice you to learn more about a nose-to-tail animal-based diet. I contend that I’m not highly sensitive to natural plant toxins, and have less urgency to eliminate them. But the point we emphasize in the conversation is that we all may benefit from aspiring to ascend from kicking ass at Level 5 to reaching Level 7 or Level 9. We have collectively come to believe that things like gas, bloating, transient abdominal pain and imperfections with elimination are “normal” and expected. Challenging these notions and doing personal experimentation with your diet can be really valuable, as it has been for more. Paul’s on the quest to kick ass of course, and you’ll learn about his recent integration of significant amounts of raw honey in his diet in pursuit of better athletic performance and recovery, electrolyte balance, and to hone insulin sensitivity.

You’ll also learn about the lifestyle habits of the Hadza in Tanzania, and the overall emphasis on animal foods seen in hunter-gatherer populations across the globe. Paul is headed to Africa in 2021 to study and live amongst tribal peoples!


The nose to tail carnivore diet is very powerful. Brad is convinced that it is the most nutritious diet on the planet. [01:34]

Paul changed his goal of becoming a doctor when he realized how much Western medicine focuses on the symptom instead of looking for the root cause. [05:41]

If you are not thriving on a paleo diet or other diets, you may not realize that plant toxins could be affecting you negatively. [09:58]

We often don’t know what we are capable of as far as maintaining a healthy body. [12:07]

Do we need to accept a decline into decrepitude? [15:43]

Paul’s journey to where he is now covers the world of travel and learning. [16:36]

While hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, Paul realized that simplicity is all we really need. [22:46]

When you are taught that certain things are good for you, your body craves them even though they might not be good for you. [26:30]

For a lot of people who have inflamed guts or issues, more fiber and more vegetables make them worse. [39:10]

Raw organs are very nutritious however the capsules with desiccated organs are more portable and have more nutrients. [44:34]

There is this question of strategic inclusion of carbohydrate into the diet for performance and recovery purposes. [48:32]

We’ve elevated vegetables and greens as Gods! [57:22]

Dr. Paul Saladino is going to Africa to study the Hadza and other indigenous people. [01:04:58]


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