Jeff Kahn and The Sleep Placebo Effect, Wimp Factor, and Individual Differences (Breather Episode)


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I had such a great time speaking to sleep expert Jeff Kahn that we kept the mic running well after our first conversation was technically over, and it turned into quite a fascinating conversation.

In this breather show, you’ll learn about the “sleep placebo effect” and why some people are actually more affected by their sleep debt than others are. You’ll also learn about the many different ways to measure sleep quality (there are eight!), and how to effectively deal with, and eradicate, the distracting thoughts that can come flooding in right before bedtime.

You’ll also learn about why “stimulus control” is actually the best, research-backed way to reverse insomnia, and why it’s so important to do whatever you can to not stress about your sleeping patterns when you’re having trouble sleeping through the night or even falling asleep. Enjoy learning even more from this incredible sleep expert, and check out Rise here.


If we happen to have a night of imperfect sleep, maybe don’t worry about it. [01:30]

Individuals have different sensitivities to sleep debt. [03:48]

Sleep placebo is that if you are told that whatever sleep you got last night was good quality, you actually perform better. [06:28]

There are about eight different measures of sleep quality, and still it is hard to define. [07:57]

If you are having trouble with thoughts when you are trying to fall asleep, it’s a good idea to write things down or get out of bed and do something else. [10:26]

If we are in sleep debt and really needing sleep, are we going to get a deeper more efficient sleep? [13:11]

Don’t stress about your imperfect night of sleep. [18:31]


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