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I really appreciate the thought-provoking questions sent in by listeners of this show, and it’s even better when people share a message showcasing their amazing progress!

In this breather show, I’m putting the spotlight on some of the most inspiring messages I’ve received, and of course, I’ll be answering some questions too!

In this episode, you’ll learn about the key to succeeding when it comes to your endurance goals, and share an inspiring story of how one listener was able to avoid back surgery (in fact, their own surgeon was the one who decided to cancel the procedure!) after making some serious lifestyle changes. I also explain the different causes of muscle soreness, as well as the most effective method for avoiding experiencing consistent soreness in your muscles post-workout.

I then touch on the topic of sauna use, specifically the issue of EMF exposure and infrared saunas, and the phenomenal benefits that come from engaging in environmental hormesis for stimulating cellular and hormonal responses. This leads into a discussion about Nourish Balance Thrive’s incredible detox protocol, which was how I found out that I had toxic plastic residue and petroleum byproducts in my bloodstream!

I also answer a question about the best kind of sprinting shoes, and explain why the Vibram Five Finger shoes have been my go-to for the past 14 years, as well as share the name of a (sadly, now discontinued) style of New Balance sneakers that I love to wear when I’m not in my Vibrams. Then I share a great message from a listener who has experienced wonderful results from taking MOFO consistently. It really is so exciting when someone who has been using MOFO reaches out to express how much it has changed their life and how they feel on a daily basis (check out more success stories here if you’re curious!), and I also share the many benefits I’ve noticed from taking Ancestral Supplements products over the last two years. And, if you’re curious about trying out some Ancestral Supplements, head over to their website, and don’t forget to use code KEARNS for 10% off!

The episode ends with some important questions about fasting: who is it most appropriate for? Is it ever too much of a stressor on your body? Can you fast too frequently? Because there are many important external factors to consider when fasting, being aware of these factors will help you engage in this practice in a way that is not harmful or stressful to your body, but extremely beneficial.


A 48-year-old listener talks about his difficulty in keeping his heart rate at the aerobic pace he wants. (180 minus the age.) [01:34]

Scott from New Zealand talks about how he convinced his doctor NOT to put him on statins and instead took the natural route to being able to cancel his surgery. [04:04]

Jerome talks about how he has noticed so many people training incorrectly and gives suggestions. [09:54]

Muscle soreness is not a good idea. [14:29]

Jeff asks Brad to compare and contrast the different sauna opportunities. [15:21]

The sauna gives a good detox opportunity. [19:12]

Jeff also asks about what shoes you should wear to do sprinting? Look for a zero-drop shoe. [21:18]

David from Nova Scotia talks about how his training with MAF approach has taught him to be rested and relaxed before competing. David also asks for more advice on parenting and hon healthy sex life for men in the 40s or 50s. [24:22]

From James Hall: “What is the difference between fasting and fueling? [26:26]

How can I maintain muscle mass and keep good energy levels? [28:41]

Target your carbohydrate intake around periods of time where you are burning up those carbs. [30:09]

There is a difference in the carb intake for women compared to men. [34:46]



“If you get sore, that’s an indication that you overdid it, and your muscles are requiring repair, so the energy and the protein synthesis that occurs after a workout is going towards repairing the muscles, rather than making them bigger, stronger, or more fit.”

“If you’re trying to drop excess body fat, the surest path to get there is to first get metabolically healthy, and then engage in prolonged fasting and carbohydrate restriction to lower your overall insulin production.”

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