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The long awaited release of the diet book to end all diet books is here!

Two Meals A Day transcends the confusion and controversy about healthy eating, and obsessing over strict food choices and meal patterns required with many niche strategies. Instead, you’ll broaden the focus to a simple and sustainable strategy that works for everyone. Emerging science reveals that when you eat is just as important as what you eat for fat loss, disease protection and longevity. Even among those devoted to choosing the best foods or following strict macro guidelines, it’s possible to fall short of fat loss goals by eating too frequently and engaging in the surprisingly destructive habit of snacking.

In this show, you’ll get a great sense of the content of each chapter in the book, starting with a detailed explanation of how to achieve metabolic flexibility—the ability to gracefully burn a variety of fuel sources as needed, with the emphasis on stored body fat as your preferred fuel choice. You’ll understand that our body works most efficiently in a fasted state, with autophagy, immune function, cognitive function and inflammation control all optimized. You’ll also learn why simply ditching the Big Three toxic modern foods (refined sugars, grains and industrial seed oils) will get you most of the way toward your potential. You’ll gain a deep understanding of how to make the best choices in the ancestral food categories, and form an empowering mindset by rejecting self-limiting beliefs and behavior patterns and operating from a stance of gratitude, mindfulness, and self-confidence. The show will also overview how to implement the important lifestyle practices of sleep, rest & recovery, increased general everyday movement, and brief, high intensity workouts. Enjoy this highly informative conversation with Mark and pre-order Two Meals a Day here!


Brad and Mark Sisson bring you up-to-date on the latest information on healthy eating. [01:58]

Their new book, Two Meals a Day will give you all that you need to get on that path for better health in a simple message. [06:43]

Metabolic flexibility encompasses a lot of different ways of eating. One can get there either with Keto or intermittent fasting. [09:14]

The point is really what's the least amount of food I can eat and maintain muscle mass, maintain energy and not get sick? And most importantly not be hungry. [11:32]

The biggest problem we have had throughout the last several decades has been taking in excess calories and storing them as fat. [14:40]

How can you get comfortable eating only two meals a day? [17:41]

People have tended to live and die by the number of calories, counting calories in and calories out. That’s not how it works. [20:31]

Get rid of the crap. The big three: sugar, industrial seed oils, and processed grains. Try it for twenty-one days. [26:36]

Learn to do this systematically and methodically so that your body learns to adapt. [31:22]

We want all the food we eat to taste fantastic. We don’t need to be beholden to what someone says is “healthy” or to worry about hunger. [35:30]

Making good choices within the ancestral food categories: meat, fish, fowl, eggs, fruits, nuts, and seeds, does not have to be complicated. [36:51]

New information just keeps coming. Don’t be afraid to try something different. [41:18]

The enjoyment of the experience in itself contributes to a healthy diet. [44:20]

Sometimes you find out that what you have been eating is actually causing much of your physical discomfort like indigestion, arthritis, bloating and such. [48:10]

Many people listen to us and read the books and know what to do, but don’t understand why they fall off the rails. What can they do? [50:27]

Sleep is the single most overlooked opportunity to reassess health, whether it's mental health, restorative health, or whether it's recuperation from an illness, or whether it's just keeping your sanity about you [01:00:39]

Learn how to allocate time for social interactions, not on a device. [01:05:44]

Move more…not just exercise. With micro-workouts, you are risking fatigue or breakdown. [01:07:26]


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