Robbie Bent: The Many Benefits Of Breathwork For De-Stressing


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Get ready for a fascinating show all about the hot topic of breathwork!

Robbie Bent, founder of the organization Inward Breathwork, is on the cutting edge all the way. Inward Breathwork is the world’s first on-demand breathwork platform, and their classes are great for managing stress, improving peak performance, and managing emotions, and even accessing altered states of consciousness through advanced techniques.

The Inward Breathwork mission is to make breathwork and other cutting edge health practices fun and accessible to more than just extreme biohackers. His mission is all about community, as he is building innovative centers to experience sauna, cold exposure and breathwork in a community setting — a fabulous alternative to hanging out in bars and clubs! Robbie’s programming integrates different attributes like acoustic sound instruments, guided visualizations and hypnosis along with breathing, hot and cold exposure.

Listen as Robbie describes the science of breathing in easy to understand terms and provides specific practical tips for how to implement some cool breathing strategies right away. Robbie also provides some personal details about his rise and fall story and risk taking personality that has helped him adopt an evolved perspective about material success and stay grounded in helping others as a leader. You will learn about his wild and exciting Inward Retreats, where he uses breathwork, cold exposure, and social connection to help people become more vulnerable, less stressed, and more connected.


Learning the proper way to breathe helps you to de-stress and perform better. [01:30]

Robbie tells of his journey from a success-driven finance guy into the progressive healthy scene. [05:58]

You can have a drive for success but your success comes from the heart and in helping others. [08:36]

The busiest people are able to meditate, breathe deeper. There are many apps, podcasts, books, and classes that can help. [14:25]

There is hyperventilation, which is really great for increasing alertness but can sometimes prevent oxygen from getting to the organs. With relaxed breathing, the oxygen gets into the organs. [16:14]

When we're taking in excess oxygen through aggressive hyperventilation, what's happening to the gas exchange in the body. Robbie describes breathing exercises to increase CO2 levels. [20:15]

When the diaphragm contracts as a beginner, could that be also described as when you feel like a pretty significant urge to breathe? [24:09]

Twenty seconds is a minimum baseline. [25:46]

Breathe through the nose slowly. The more you breathe into the lower lungs, the better gas exchange, [28:01]

The nose acts like a humidifier. It warms the air. It takes out the pathogens. [30:07]

When we are in a stressful situation, as we are in modern day life dealing with technology, we tend to breathe through the mouth. [35:16]

We don’t chew our food enough and that causes crooked teeth and jaws to be malformed and the nasal cavity doesn’t have as much room. [36:01]

Respiration rate goes up when you engage in poor health practice. [40:16]

Oxygen Advantage is based on the Buteyko breathing therapy.

It comes down to simple exercises, based in particular on reduced breathing through the nose. [41:42]

The higher your heart rate, variability, the tighter your nervous system, the better your body responds to stress. [44:25]

Busy people can find ways to practice breathing when doing other things like cooking or walking. [47:02]

What is resonant breathing? [48:13]

Getting into the parasympathetic system is good to use before eating or before going to sleep. Breath holds long, slow exhales will get you there. [52:10]

Where does cold exposure fit into this? [54:29]

Robbie hosts some inward retreats and breathing exercise apps with the goal of having fun. [59:05]

You can learn to deal with life’s stresses by filtering the use of modern technology and spending time in hot or cold environments. [01:04:36]



Most people feel overwhelmed, and when you’re overwhelmed, you breathe through the mouth, because your body believes it’s in a stressful situation, and that it needs to be in Flight or Fight mode.

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