Ronnie Loaiza: Female Fitness and Finding Your Why


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Get ready for a lively conversation with personal trainer and health and fitness coach Ronnie Loaiza!

Ronnie is passionate about helping her clients feel their best, and this show features some really great practical tips for hormone optimization for female listeners, since we’ve already covered the MOFO aspect pretty well so far (click here for The Life Changing MOFO Mission show if you missed it!).

In this episode, Ronnie explains why the most important thing we can do as we age is to take notice of our hormones, and reveals the methods she uses to successfully help clients identify the specific barriers and obstacles they’ve put in their own way. We also talk about how things like anxiety and PTSD affect your fitness, and she gives us a valuable reminder of the importance of taking chances and why it’s never too late to change careers paths, by sharing the inspiring story of the event that changed the course of her life over a decade ago.

Ronnie then takes us through the exercises that make up her daily morning ritual and we talk about the power of committing to a morning routine you actually enjoy, and Ronnie breaks down the relationship between your metabolism and your hormones to illustrate how your metabolism actually regulates your hormones.

Ronnie also offers some useful strategies to set yourself up for success: “If you choose a plan, do it with joy.” This allows you to frame everything you do, from cleaning to exercise, with positivity and enjoyment, which in turn, has a domino effect on everything else in your life (hello The Biology of Belief!). And, if you’re the type of person who tends to struggle with motivation when it comes to working out (or anything else for that matter!), Ronnie makes a wonderful point that will surely resonate, as she reminds us that we all have 24 hours in a day, and adds: “Start small, but keep going — because consistency is key.”

Enjoy listening to this fun show with Ronnie, and click here if you’re interested in checking out her website!


This podcast is focusing on women’s issues around lifestyle, exercise, dealing with life’s stresses in general. The emphasis is on looking great, not just feeling great. [01:19]

There is a difference between personal trainer and fitness coach. [03:26]

Ronnie helps her clients look deep into their goals and the reasons, there are barriers to achieving them. [06:57]

As you age, it’s not so much about looking good as it is about feeling strong and being healthy. [08:58]

You have to find what’s right for you in preventative workouts and fitness. [15:33]

Even the people you think are in perfect shape, they aren’t. They have their demons, too, that keep them struggling. [18:49]

Be careful with saying, “everything in moderation” because so much of the food out there is filled with chemicals and other unhealthy things. [21:29]

There is always a reason down deep that is keeping the person from reaching the goals they desire. [23:03]

Start by eating clean. Read labels. Learn what is really in your food. [27:51]

You can make time to work out. It can be in small increments. Prioritize taking care of yourself. It’s not about how you look. It’s about how you feel. [29:04]

Look at the reasons why you eat. What is the emotion behind it? Is it joyful? Is it healthy? Some people don’t know what is healthy. [31:13]

We’ve all made adjustments with dealing with the pandemic. People in general are resistant to change. Routine can help anchor you. [34:50]

In adopting a routine, start with small goals, feel the success, and gradually increase it as you wish. [42:18]

Don’t take any crap for following a healthy path. [46:47]

Aging females follow a different path from males. Be your own health advocate. [48:18]

The first thing we have to do is accept that we are aging. If you want to have some treatment, look into why…what’s the emotional feeling behind it? [56:47]

Cardio is very important. You need to work your muscles and your heart is a muscle. Regulate your hormones. [01:00:36]

Get a trainer if even for just a few times to learn proper technique. Three times is best. [01:04:16]

Intermittent fasting is a topic people are asking about. There are many different types. [01:08:53]


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