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In this episode, I take you through my new book, Two Meals a Day, chapter by chapter, to learn how to live healthily through a simple but sustainable strategy that works for everyone.

You’ll learn about how your body actually operates best in a fasted state, and that people eat too much of the wrong foods, and too often, as well as what the “wrong” foods are. You’ll also find out why snacking is a destructive habit, why eating less often will help you develop metabolic flexibility, and the benefits of eating intuitively instead of following a strict, three meals a day structure.

You’ll also learn about what leads to dysfunctional fat burning and the power of “turnaround statements”, which can be applied to great effect to every area of your life, why “faking it till you make it” has real effects on your physiology, and how to implement winning mindset and behavioral patterns that align with your goals.

Whether you’re Paleo, carnivore, keto, or prefer to j ust eat intuitively and not put a label on it, you can benefit greatly from eating two meals a day, because this strategy is truly one that works for everyone, and also strengthens your ability to make empowering and conscious choices for yourself.


Carbohydrate dependency is quite likely the number one public health problem today. [00:53]

If you want to achieve optimum health, body composition, and longevity, ditch modern processed foods and eat less frequently. Develop metabolic flexibility. [01:46]

We aren’t telling you what to eat but we ask that you ditch the big three toxic modern foods, stop the habit of snacking. [03:12]

When you are doing a dietary transition, you should not have to suffer and be in pain. [04:52]

Your body works most optimally in a fasted state. [07:55]

Clean up your act. [08:40]

Emphasize nutrient dense ancestral foods. [13:23]

Intermittent eating is the fastest way to health. You have to do it right. [19:23]

If you are not getting enough sleep or having stressful workouts, it will be more difficult to transition into this new dietary regimen. [23:52]

Implement a winning mindset. Look at your own self-limiting beliefs. [29:09]

Follow the fat-burning lifestyle. Start with good sleep habits. [35:23]

Discipline your use of technology. Move more. [41:09]

Micro workouts are always beneficial. No pain, no gain is not the way to go. [43:21]

How does the two meals a day work? Follow your intuition. [47:23]

Chapter 7 of this book has a chapter called Advanced Strategies for Fat Reduction. [48:59]

Therapeutic cold exposure helps stimulate fat reduction and brings psychological benefits. [55:40]

The 12-day Turbocharge is at the end of the book with action assignments in food, fasting, fitness, mindset, and lifestyle. [01:00:01]


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