Daily: Why public schools warp children’s futures — and ours


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Should we feel more compassion towards men who are send to public schools? And what do boarding school books reveal about the emotions of society’s elites? With fellow students like Boris Johnson and David Cameron, Richard Beard’s latest book, Sad Little Men, explores his time at school. He tells Ros Taylor why private school only gives kids a partial education, how sexist attitudes linger beyond the school gates…and why years of emotional suppression makes private school boys very good spies.

  • “You're supposed to leave your time at school behind and go on and be successful.”
  • “When you arrive as a small child, your instinct is to run away back home.”
  • “There is a conflict between what adults are telling you is good for you, and your emotional experience.”
  • “This confidence applies to a limited area of life - but one where power resides.”
  • “It was male opinion that mattered to us, and it remained so when we left school.”
  • “Parents and children are drawn into this delusion that boarding school is for the best.”

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