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Parliament returns to a family-sized party pack of Government cruelty and ineptitude: a National Insurance hike that hits the lowest-paid the hardest, an end to the £20 Universal Credit bonus for the neediest families, and an Elections Bill that makes it harder for us to vote them out. Business as usual, then. Plus: the Texas Taliban’s war on abortion, the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and where in the world is Andrew Neil? Alex Andreou starts your week.

  • “The message to backbenchers is, stop opposing us and we might just cancel those vaccine passports you hate.”
  • “Cancelling the extra Universal Credit isn’t just unjust, it’s economically illiterate.”
  • “If I'd have said 'drink bleach, it's good for acne', I'd have been bundled into the back of a van. So why are the police ignoring COVID sceptics?”

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